How do the heating and sanitary hot water circuits function?

Heating and Sanitary Water: The boiler provides the hot water for the heating circuit continuously and as required. When sanitary water is required, hot water to the heating circuit is temporarily cut-off and sanitary hot water is provided by mean of a three-way valve and a secondary heat exchanger Only Sanitary Water: similar to the function of an instant water heater, the boiler only provides instant and continuous hot water as required, returning to a standby mode when the hot water tap(s) are closed.

What does the free installation include?

Installation of the boiler on the wall and the connection of the water, gas, electricity and chimney to the boiler using the included kits

Are a lot of changes required to switch from a traditional central heating systems to these modern boilers?

Yes, the piping needs to be changed in order to connect the heating circuit to the boiler instead of the central heating system.

Does this model have the approval of the Gas Company and Engineering Society?

Yes, BIG boilers are the only boilers in Iran that are certified by the Research Center of the Ministry of Housing.

What are the advantages of BIG room-sealed boilers over other available brands?

Have the optional Iranian Standard
CE certification
Engineering Society’s approval
Certified by the Research Center of the Ministry of Housing

Will this type of boiler, in case of an electrical black-out, still be safe despite the fan not working?

Yes, in the case of electricity cut-off these boilers automatically go to stand-by and stop functioning.

What is the difference between a room-sealed boiler and a regular boiler?

The major difference is that in room-sealed boilers the combustion happens in a closed chamber and both the exhaust and air intake is done by the special dual chimney provided by BIG. Whereas in regular or open boilers the air required for combustion is provided from the installation area.

Do BIG boilers work with LPG cylinders?

Yes, however please consult a certified BIG professional first.

Is it possible to use two simultaneous showers?

Yes, by using the BIG boilers with built-in storage.

What are the advantages of BIG boilers of other brands?

Manufactured in cooperation with Riello
CE certification of the boilers
The only available boiler with free installation kit
Support of the largest service network in Iran
Warranty backed by the largest spare parts distribution network in Iran
Highest efficiency and lowest operating cost of any available boiler
Largest range of models to choose from