Can low water pressure models be use in areas without city water piping?

Yes, but requires the water reserve/storage to be at least 2 meters higher than the water heater.

How long is the warranty for BIG boilers and what are the conditions?

24 months, after installation by a certified BIG servicemen/installer.

How can a suitable model be chosen before purchase?

By contacting BIG’s contact center (021-51011) and receiving free over the phone or on-site consultation.

What is the best way to prevent build-up in the heat exchanger?

Purchasing the correct model, and installation of appropriate filters before the boiler.

How often does the boiler need to be treated for build-up?

This depends on the water quality and mineral content in the area.

Can BIG boilers be used with underfloor heating or fan coils?

Yes. Please arrange a free consultation before making your purchase.

What are the advantages of BIG boilers over traditional heating systems?

Independence from other residential units
No additional cost associated with traditional central heating systems
Easy access to the boiler for temperature setting (usually in the kitchen)
High efficiency and reduction of operating costs
Lower maintenance costs

Is it possible to use a combi-boiler for two floors?

Yes, but authorized serviceman approval is needed.