Do the water heaters have Energy Rating labels?

All model have Energy Rating labels. Pilot models have an energy rating of D, and ionized models have an energy rating of C which are the highest energy rating of any water heater available in Iran.

How long is the warranty period, and what are the conditions?

3 years if installed by a certified official BIG serviceman.

Do the water heaters work with LPG bottles/cylinders?

Yes. Ensure that at the time of purchase the LPG version is chosen, or by requesting an LPG conversion kit from your certified BIG servicemen (at customers cost).

Which models are more appropriate for use in small shops?

The B3108 or B3110 with 8 Litre and 10 Litre per minute hot water capacity.

How can an appropriate model be chosen before purchase?

By contacting BIG’s contact center (Iran) at 021-51011

Do low water pressure models work with high water pressure?


What is the best solution in order to reduce build-up?

Use of Ionized models, using the water heater on low power and using filters on the cold water inlet.

How often do the water heater pipes need to be cleaned from build-up?

This depends on the water composition, however generally for standing pilot models once every two years and for Ionized models once every four years.