How can be maintained or used BIG PRD?

It’s better to read the Product manual which is put in product packing.

Where can we buy BIG PRDs?

Customers can buy BIG PRDs from all reliable heating/cooling systems stores all over the Iran. For more information please contact to your providence’s customer contact center or our specific telephone line: +9821-51011, Operators can introduce the nearest BIG sales agent to you.

How to distinguish BIG PRD from other brands?

The word “Butane” logo is engraved on the body side of the BIG PRD.

What are the main advantages of BIG PRD?

BIG PRD has many advantages;

    • Possible to install from both side; left and Right
    • 12 years from the date of manufacture production date.
    • Coated by Electrostatic white paint -RAL9016-

How many years of warranty do BIG PRDs have?

12 years from the date of manufacture production date. The date of manufacture production date is engraved on the body side of the product.

How thick is the steel sheets used in BIG PRD in mm?

It’s used between 1.1 -1.12 mm.

How can I have access to the PRD models’ dimension and technical specifications?

By downloading the latest information of each models on the PRD page of the BIG website, find out about BIG’s specifications and dimensions.

Which type of area is more suitable for each BIG PRD models?

According to the size of the area and heating needs, constumers can choose the convenience model a PRD or PRDs.(in order to choose the right panel radiator for each of the building’s spaces the customer must first refer to the table of technical specifications of the product, dimensions and heating value of each block of radiators according to the required heat of the respective space.)

How many Panel Radiator -PRD- models produced by BIG?

BIG launched PRD in 8 models: 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm Blocks.