Does the TR need to be vented like the other radiators?

This is done through the air vent valve of the TR.

Where can we buy BIG TRs?

Customers can buy BIG TRs from all reliable heating/cooling systems stores all over the Iran. For more information, please contact your state’s customer contact center or our specific telephone line: 021-51011, Operators will introduce the nearest BIG sales agent.

How to distinguish BIG TR from other brands?

The “Butane” logo is engraved on the body side of the BIG TR.

Could BIG TRs be installed in area with high humidity?

Generally, the bathroom space is humid, and because of the use of using the best raw materials and moisture-resistant dyeing in the production process of BIG TRs, they have the highest resistance against corrosion and rust.

What are the main advantages of BIG TR?

BIG TR has many advantages;

    • Three layers of high-quality paint coating, which makes its color not change during operation.
    • Brazing welding technology that causes complete and permanent sealing.
    • High quality raw steel material and high thermal efficiency.

How many years of warranty do BIG TRs have?

5 years from the date of production. The production date is engraved on the body side of the product.

How can I have access to the TR models’ dimension and technical specifications?

By downloading the latest catalogue of each model in the TR page of the BIG website.

Which type of area is more suitable for each BIG TR models?

  • According to the size of the bathroom and heating needs, consumers can choose the right model as follows:
    • 7 pipes for -3 Sqm bathrooms.
    • 10 pipes for 3-5 Sq. bathrooms.
    • 14 pipes for 6-8 Sq. bathrooms.
    • 19 pipes for +8 Sq. bathrooms.

How many Towel Radiator -TR- models are produced by BIG?

BIG produces TR in four models: 7, 10, 14 and 19 pipes.

What is the main reason of using TR in bathroom instead of common radiators?

It is possible to use a normal radiator in the bathroom, but using a TR that is specially designed for the bathroom brings more benefits for users as follows:

  • Occupies less space in bathrooms.
  • Due to the installation at a higher height, it is more accessible for drying towels and clothes.