Where we can buy BIG radiators?

You can buy BIG radiators from all reliable heating/cooling systems stores all over Iran. For more information please contact your state’s customer contact center or our specific telephone line 021-51011 they will introduce the nearest BIG sales agent.

What does the Axis dimension mean?

The distance between the centers of the inlet and outlet on one side of the radiator.

Can sections/elements be added and/or removed?


What is the best model?

No single models is the best, and all BIG radiators have high heating capacity.

What are the health and safety benefits of using BIG aluminium radiators?

BIG does not use standard harmful asbestos based gaskets such as many of the other manufacturers instead using silicon based gaskets. Also BIG uses the highest quality paint from BASF which is lead-free again, unlike many of our competitors.

What are the benefits of automated/robotic manufacturing?

BIG’s automated and robotic manufacturing process ensures that all radiators are aesthetically the same, 100% aligned and of the highest quality.

Why are BIG aluminium radiators resistant to corrosion?

All BIG radiators are specially chemically treated, coated and then painted including the insides. This process provides a layer paint inside the radiators that reduces the contact of water with the aluminium which is the cause of corrosion.

What are the benefits of the high heating capacity of the sections?

This reduces the number of elements/sections required to heat any given area thus reducing the cost of purchase to the customer.