Verona, the new boiler family of Butane

Verona boilers family, new and updated generation of Butane Italian boilers, which designed in Italy and produced using the best European parts by Butane.

This family now includes two models: Verona 24Rsi and Verona 24i. These models with a capacity of 24 kW have two converters and  two different type, open combustion chamber and closed combustion chamber with utilizes European technologies are on Butane production lines.

Due to the utilization of the Verona new family from new technology, issues related to the installation ant setting up of Verona model is different from the other boiler models; so training of Authorized operators has been started on these models across the country.

Features of Verona boiler Models:

      • Compliance operation with environmental conditions (especially the RSi model)
        • Equipped with intelligent combustion control as to the continued safe operation in specific environmental conditions such as severe wind
      • Special flow meter
        • The vulnerability of the flow meter system against to Minerals and particles in the water
      • Advanced diagnostic system
        • Intelligent diagnostic system with display of 24 errors and save 10 error code of the latest warning to access to the history of error codes and troubleshooting easier
      • Resistance to adverse environmental factors such as dust (especially the RSi model)
        • Low cost maintenance due to lack of vulnerability to dust in outdoor
      •  provide hot water in a very short time

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