Butane, national standards unit

We are honored to inform you that Butane Group was selected from Iran’s national standards organization, as a qualitative sample at the national level.

The official ceremony was held on Tuesday 13th October in Hall Summit, the golden award was awarded to Butane group for Courage and effort to manage knowledgeable, enthusiastic and benevolent staff.

While congratulating for the great honor we point out to all your loved ones Importance and difference of this course with the previous ones at this point is; In previous years, 22 companies were selected as the unit, but this year that number fell to 10 that Butane Group was selected as one of the top 10 companies. So much more difficult to compete for the title this year and get that title was more important.

During the ceremony, in addition to Executive Vice President, Attorney General, a group of honorable representatives of Parliament, members of the Assembly of Experts, members of the Commission and the mining industry, chambers of commerce and industry of the country were participated.