Combi Boilers
What is the “best” model?
Each model is suggested and appropriate for specific conditions, and there is no "best" model. Customers should choose the models based on their needs, also keeping in mind the installation conditions.
Which is the newest model of boilers?
Our new Room-Sealed Condensing model.
Which is the best model of boilers?
There is no "best" model. Each BIG boiler has been designed to suit a specific need. Choosing the correct model depend on a variety of factors, include home size, building standards, local climate...
What are the advantages of BIG boilers of other brands?
Manufactured in cooperation with Riello CE certification of the boilers The only available boiler with free installation kit Support of the largest service network in Iran Warranty backed by the largest spare parts distribution network in Iran Highest efficiency and lowest operating cost of any available boiler Largest range of models to choose from
Is it possible to use two simultaneous showers?
Yes, by using the BIG boilers with built-in storage.
Do BIG boilers work with LPG cylinders?
Yes, however please consult a certified BIG professional first.
What is the difference between a room-sealed boiler and a regular boiler?
The major difference is that in room-sealed boilers the combustion happens in a closed chamber and both the exhaust and air intake is done by the special dual chimney provided by BIG. Whereas in regular or open boilers the air required for combustion is provided from the installation area.
Will this type of boiler, in case of an electrical black-out, still be safe despite the fan not working?
Yes, in the case of electricity cut-off these boilers automatically go to stand-by and stop functioning.
What are the advantages of BIG room-sealed boilers over other available brands?
Have the optional Iranian Standard CE certification Engineering Society's approval Certified by the Research Center of the Ministry of Housing
Does this model have the approval of the Gas Company and Engineering Society?
Yes, BIG boilers are the only boilers in Iran that are certified by the Research Center of the Ministry of Housing.
Are a lot of changes required to switch from a traditional central heating systems to these modern boilers?
Yes, the piping needs to be changed in order to connect the heating circuit to the boiler instead of the central heating system.
What does the free installation include?
Installation of the boiler on the wall and the connection of the water, gas, electricity and chimney to the boiler using the included kits
How do the heating and sanitary hot water circuits function?
Heating and Sanitary Water: The boiler provides the hot water for the heating circuit continuously and as required. When sanitary water is required, hot water to the heating circuit is temporarily cut-off and sanitary hot water is provided by mean of a three-way valve and a secondary heat exchanger Only Sanitary Water: similar to the function of an instant water heater, the boiler only provides instant and continuous hot water as required, returning to a standby mode when the hot water tap(s) are closed.
Is it possible to use a combi-boiler for two floors?
Yes, but authorized serviceman approval is needed.
What are the advantages of BIG boilers over traditional heating systems?
Independence from other residential units No additional cost associated with traditional central heating systems Easy access to the boiler for temperature setting (usually in the kitchen) High efficiency and reduction of operating costs Lower maintenance costs
Can BIG boilers be used with underfloor heating or fan coils?
Yes. Please arrange a free consultation before making your purchase.
How often does the boiler need to be treated for build-up?
This depends on the water quality and mineral content in the area.
Is the use of these boilers suggested in areas with high mineral content in the water?
Yes. Two heat exchanger models should be used.
What is the best way to prevent build-up in the heat exchanger?
Purchasing the correct model, and installation of appropriate filters before the boiler.
How can a suitable model be chosen before purchase?
By contacting BIG's contact center (021-51011) and receiving free over the phone or on-site consultation.
Which models are more appropriate for an area with high mineral content in the water?
Models with two heat exchangers
How long is the warranty for BIG boilers and what are the conditions?
24 months, after installation by a certified BIG servicemen/installer.
Can low water pressure models be use in areas without city water piping?
Yes, but requires the water reserve/storage to be at least 2 meters higher than the water heater.
Water heaters
What is the “best” model?
Each model is suggested and appropriate for specific conditions, and there is no "best" model. Customers should choose the models based on their needs, also keeping in mind the installation conditions.
What is the “latest” model?
The latest range of BIG water heaters are the Ionized models, the forced flue models and the fourth generation (4xxx) range.
What is the “highest capacity” model?
The highest capacity models are the 18 Litres models available in standing pilot, ionized, and ionized forced flue. Note that the 18 litre models other than the forced flue version have specific chimney requirements and care should be taken during installation.
Which models start with minimal water pressure?
All BIG models have industry standard low water pressure startup on par with European models, except the B3315 ip.
Which model is the most appropriate for a large family?
All BIG models are instant water heaters and as such the number of people in the household is not a consideration as is the case with storage water heaters.
What are the advantages of BIG water heater over the other brands?
  • BIG quality on par with the European competitors
  • Only Iranian brand with CE certification for water heaters
  • Only water heater with 3 years warranty
  • Highest efficiency and lowest operating cost
  • Largest selection of ranges and models
What is the difference between Ionized and Standing Pilot water heaters?
In Standing Pilot water heaters the ignition system is a continuously lit pilot flame, whereas in Ionized models the Standing Pilot is replaced by a "smart" ignition system. Ionized systems provide on average a 17% saving on gas consumption and have the highest energy rating. Build-up is also reduced considerably in Ionized models
What is the power source for the electric igniter?
Batteries and/or electrical adapter.
How much electricity do Ionized models use?
Extremely low, and regular batteries last for many months (depending on use).
What are the special features of the Forced Flue models?
These models can be used in the case of chimney size restrictions in the installation place. BIG is the first manufacturer of these models in Iran.
How much change to the current piping is required, in order to upgrade from a floor standing water heater to a wall-hung water heater?
Yes, minor piping extension is required.
What does the free installation include?
Installation of the water heater on the wall, the connections for gas, water, and the chimney are included. All piping must be prepared before hand at the place of installation at the cost of the customer.
Are the installation requirements for all the water heaters the same?
No, higher capacity water heaters have more installation restrictions.
Is it possible to have installations in bathrooms, toilets or lockers rooms?
Installations in these areas are not done by BIG and void the warranty due to operating dangers.
Can a water heater be used for two floors?
No, this is not suggested.
What is the maximum distance between the water heater and the point of use?
Between 7 and 10 meters depending on various factors such as water heater model, piping and inlet temperature.
What are the chimney size requirements for the different models?
Based on the Iranian standards and building guidelines as well as the model requirements the chimney size for various models are as follows:
  • For 8 and 10 Liter models, 10 cm chimney diameter
  • For other models with the exception of forced flue, 15 cm chimney diameter
Other factors may affect the reduction in chimney size requirements, however these can only be approved by a certified BIG servicemen and after an on-site consultation.
What is the minimum chimney pipe height?
3 meters, however forced flue models do not have any restriction.
What are the advantages of wall-hung water heaters over floor standing water heaters?
  • Instant hot water
  • Continuous hot water
  • Low gas consumption
  • Less space required
  • 100% hygienic hot water
Can two simultaneous taps be used with a wall-hung water?
Yes, in 18 Litre models, however this is not generally suggested.
How often do the water heater pipes need to be cleaned from build-up?
This depends on the water composition, however generally for standing pilot models once every two years and for Ionized models once every four years.
Can instant water heaters be used in areas where water has high mineral content?
Yes, Ionized models should be used.
What is the best solution in order to reduce build-up?
Use of Ionized models, using the water heater on low power and using filters on the cold water inlet.
Do low water pressure models work with high water pressure?
How can an appropriate model be chosen before purchase?
By contacting BIG's contact center (Iran) at 021-51011
Which models are more appropriate for use in small shops?
The B3108 or B3110 with 8 Litre and 10 Litre per minute hot water capacity.
Which models are suggested for area with water with high mineral content?
All BIG Ionized models.
Do the water heaters work with LPG bottles/cylinders?
Yes. Ensure that at the time of purchase the LPG version is chosen, or by requesting an LPG conversion kit from your certified BIG servicemen (at customers cost).
How long is the warranty period, and what are the conditions?
3 years if installed by a certified official BIG serviceman.
Do the water heaters have Energy Rating labels?
All model have Energy Rating labels. Pilot models have an energy rating of D, and ionized models have an energy rating of C which are the highest energy rating of any water heater available in Iran.
Aluminium Radiators
What are the advantages of aluminium radiator to other types of radiators?
After gold, silver and copper, aluminium is the most heat conductive element. Aluminium is also the second most widely available element in nature and as such is cost effective. Aluminium radiators are lighter, easier to install, and have the highest heating capacity compared to other radiators.
What are the advantages of BIG’s aluminium radiators to available steel radiators?
Higher heating capacity, easier to install, flexibility in number of sections, and lighter.
What are the advantages of BIG’s aluminium radiator to other aluminium radiators?
What are the advantages of BIG's aluminium radiator to other aluminium radiators?
What are the benefits of the high heating capacity of the sections?
This reduces the number of elements/sections required to heat any given area thus reducing the cost of purchase to the customer.
Why are BIG aluminium radiators resistant to corrosion?
All BIG radiators are specially chemically treated, coated and then painted including the insides. This process provides a layer paint inside the radiators that reduces the contact of water with the aluminium which is the cause of corrosion.
What are the benefits of automated/robotic manufacturing?
BIG's automated and robotic manufacturing process ensures that all radiators are aesthetically the same, 100% aligned and of the highest quality.
What are the health and safety benefits of using BIG aluminium radiators?
BIG does not use standard harmful asbestos based gaskets such as many of the other manufacturers instead using silicon based gaskets. Also BIG uses the highest quality paint from BASF which is lead-free again, unlike many of our competitors.
What is the best model?
No single models is the best, and all BIG radiators have high heating capacity.
Can sections/elements be added and/or removed?
What does the Axis dimension mean?
The distance between the centers of the inlet and outlet on one side of the radiator.
Is it necessary to have Butane certification to install radiators?
How many years of warranty do BIG aluminium radiators have?
10 years
Where we can buy BIG radiators?
You can buy BIG radiators from all reliable heating/cooling systems stores all over Iran. For more information please contact your state's customer contact center or our specific telephone line 021-51011 they will introduce the nearest BIG sales agent.