Is it possible to have installations in bathrooms, toilets or lockers rooms?

Installations in these areas are not done by BIG and void the warranty due to operating dangers.

Are the installation requirements for all the water heaters the same?

No, higher capacity water heaters have more installation restrictions.

What does the free installation include?

Installation of the water heater on the wall, the connections for gas, water, and the chimney are included. All piping must be prepared before hand at the place of installation at the cost of the customer.

How much change to the current piping is required, in order to upgrade from a floor standing water heater to a wall-hung water heater?

Yes, minor piping extension is required.

What are the special features of the Forced Flue models?

These models can be used in the case of chimney size restrictions in the installation place. BIG is the first manufacturer of these models in Iran.

How much electricity do Ionized models use?

Extremely low, and regular batteries last for many months (depending on use).

What is the power source for the electric igniter?

Batteries and/or electrical adapter.

What is the difference between Ionized and Standing Pilot water heaters?

In Standing Pilot water heaters the ignition system is a continuously lit pilot flame, whereas in Ionized models the Standing Pilot is replaced by a “smart” ignition system. Ionized systems provide on average a 17% saving on gas consumption and have the highest energy rating. Build-up is also reduced considerably in Ionized models

What are the advantages of BIG water heater over the other brands?

  • BIG quality on par with the European competitors
  • Only Iranian brand with CE certification for water heaters
  • Only water heater with 3 years warranty
  • Highest efficiency and lowest operating cost
  • Largest selection of ranges and models

Which model is the most appropriate for a large family?

All BIG models are instant water heaters and as such the number of people in the household is not a consideration as is the case with storage water heaters.