Can low water pressure models be use in areas without city water piping?

Yes, but requires the water reserve/storage to be at least 2 meters higher than the water heater.

What is the best solution in order to reduce build-up?

Use of Ionized models, using the water heater on low power and using filters on the cold water inlet.

How often do the water heater pipes need to be cleaned from build-up?

This depends on the water composition, however generally for standing pilot models once every two years and for Ionized models once every four years.

Can two simultaneous taps be used with a wall-hung water?

Yes, in 18 Litre models, however this is not generally suggested.

What are the advantages of wall-hung water heaters over floor standing water heaters?

  • Instant hot water
  • Continuous hot water
  • Low gas consumption
  • Less space required
  • 100% hygienic hot water

What is the minimum chimney pipe height?

3 meters, however forced flue models do not have any restriction.

What are the chimney size requirements for the different models?

Based on the Iranian standards and building guidelines as well as the model requirements the chimney size for various models are as follows:

  • For 8 and 10 Liter models, 10 cm chimney diameter
  • For other models with the exception of forced flue, 15 cm chimney diameter

Other factors may affect the reduction in chimney size requirements, however these can only be approved by a certified BIG servicemen and after an on-site consultation.

What is the maximum distance between the water heater and the point of use?

Between 7 and 10 meters depending on various factors such as water heater model, piping and inlet temperature.

Can a water heater be used for two floors?

No, this is not suggested.